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Most people seeking better health, overcoming a health problem, or wanting to maintain good health take vitamin and mineral supplements.  However, virtually all supplements sold are made synthetically and do not resemble the nutrient found in nature! 

 For example, Vitamin C is in the form of ascorbic acid, but in nature it has many more nutritional factors. Vitamin E is sold as tocopherol, yet the “real” vitamin E is much more complex than that.  This same unfortunate example applies to all the different vitamins and minerals sold on the market. 

The bottle even says “All Natural” or “Organic”, which again is misleading. A product only has to have 2% of truly natural factors to be called natural! The statement on the bottle means absolutely nothing.

What this means to you, wanting the best possible health is don’t waste your money and time on supplements that aren’t real, and therefore cannot benefit you. Our clinic uses whole food supplements exactly as they are found in nature. We measure your level of health with EMI testing, or the endocardiograph and after a course of nutritional therapy we re-measure to show the great improvements.

We have not seen synthetic supplements to ever change our test! Do not be fooled, get the true factors, and your health will surely get better. 

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