Spinal Decompression

 One of the greatest advances in spinal health is spinal decompression therapy. Our spines are continually under compressive force from gravity, excessive sitting, and simply being upright. This pressure causes the bones of the spine to compress together causing nerve pinching, disXk herniation, and spinal joint pain. This is especially experienced in the neck region and lower back region. This can be experienced as intense burning pain in the neck, mid back, or low back. Also, radiating pain down the arms or legs is common. This can be accompanied by numbness, inflammation, and severe pain.

The answer for this common problem is decompressive therapy. The therapy is done on the neck or low back area by attaching a harness to the neck or low back area that allows a soothing traction to occur. This traction opens up the neck or low back area that is being compressed together. The harness is controlled by a computer that uses the exact amount of traction force and varies the force to cause pumping, oscillation, and many different traction patterns to relieve the stress on the spine.  This therapy is so effective that usually only a few sessions correct the spinal compression. It also feels very good to have the spine decompressed!