Frequency Specific Microcurrent


Frequency Specific Microcurrent is a very effective therapy to heal the body

from pain and disease, naturally. This therapy consists of applying small electrical

currents (microcurrent) to different areas of the body to heal and regain balance.

This therapy also utilizes electrical frequencies, which are how fast the electrical

current pulsates (measured in Hertz). Every organ, gland and tissue in your body

has a specific frequency that can affect it. For example the liver is 35 hertz, the

heart is 33 hertz, inflammation is 40 hertz, toxicity is 920 hertz, emotions are 970

hertz, staph is 66 hertz and so on.

Amazingly this therapy can heal organs, glands, tissues, remove

inflammation, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, and boost immunity by using

these principles. FSM therapy boosts the healing time of the body by up to 500%

and increases ATP production, aids in protein synthesis, oxygenates tissues,

improves ion exchange, absorption of nutrients, eliminates wastes and toxins and

repolarizes cells.

FSM can be applied through pads, cotton tip probes, graphite gloves, wet

towels and metal plates. It is painless and effective for children and adults as well.

The cotton tip probes can be used to treat acupuncture points to give a non-

needle acupuncture treatment. All the benefits of acupuncture without the pain

of needle insertion! No matter what your health concern is and other therapies

you have tried, FSM is life changing.

Indications for FSM therapy are organ weakness, glandular weakness,

adrenal fatigue, thyroid symptoms, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, gluten

sensitivities/allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, PMS, dysmenorrhea,

menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, blood pressure,

ADHD, autism, immune system deficiencies, weight problems, headaches, any

kind of pain, back pain, TMJ, feeling sick all the time, toxicity, memory loss,

digestive disorders, Crohn’s, colitis, heart problems, blood sugar imbalances,

infertility, anti-aging, emotions and many more.

FSM is a scientific totally holistic answer to pain and suffering.

Now is the time to heal!!